Transfering Point Clouds from Recap to Blender 2.80 – References

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I demonstrate the process of importing a Point Cloud into Blender 2.80 from Autodesk Recap. Starting in Autodesk Recap we export the decimated point cloud into a .pts file, and taking it into Meshlab we convert it into .ply format. This allows us to import the Point Cloud into Blender 2.80.

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Introduction to Freemind

One of the first tutorials I ever created was for the opensource mind mapping program, Freemind. Freemind helped me with my university studies and is still available to this day. Considering that this tutorial is now over eight years old, I think I have not aged that badly. 

This video is an introduction to using the free mind mapping software Freemind.

To download a copy of Freemind please visit;